Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Live Audio with the VHT

These were all recorded with a Zoom H4n (internal mics only) by the sound booth, which was against a sidewall to the stage.  The tunes are all originals performed by the Mark Cameron band, and I am playing the VHT along with a delay.

Game Over.mp3
Box Car Blues.mp3
Tough All Over.mp3

Thursday, November 18, 2010

VHT Live Gig Recording

This past weekend I took out a Zoom H4n to record a show with my band and then with The Mark Cameron Band.  The audio from my show had a terrible mix as I had the recorder too close to the mains.  The vocals and harmonica were way too high in the mix.  However, my show with Mark turned out pretty well.  I had the recorder about 15' from stage all the way to the side where the sound guy was.  Probably not a good place to tape from as it was not inline with the stage at all.  I aimed the recorder back at the inside of the PA speaker and middle of the stage.

The room was pretty big.  The stage was large.  I used the VHT miked to the PA with a Sennheiser e906.  The drums were miked, but the guitar and bass were not.  They were loud!  I shoulda used the HarpGear HG50, but I could resist seeing how the 6w VHT would hang.  It was enough for stage volume with regular playing technique for all but the loudest passages.  I played harder (not something I like to do) and could then hear myself just fine during those parts.  I was totally floored!

The amp was elevated closer to my ears.  I am using a Samson Wireless with my Ultimate 57 into a Kinder AFB (not needed at this gig) into a Line 6 M13 into the VHT.  These cuts have a lot of ambient and trippy effects.  I'll try to post some blues stuff with the band soon.

Slippin' Away
Roadhouse Blues

VHT Special 6 and Line 6 M13 Demo

Synths, Mods, Delays, and Reverbs...

Sweep Echo...

Analog Delay...

VHT Special 6 Sound Check

Picked up a Zoom Q3 and went straight to noodling on the VHT!

This is with the Eminence Ramrod speaker!