Monday, November 9, 2009

New Amp

I bought a HarpGear Double Trouble this weekend.  Wow.  It was amazing.  I will write a large review soon.  I had a DT a couple of years ago and don't remember it kicking that much tail.  I did a full five-piece gig with the amp on 4...I could turn up to 8 without feedback.  It is easily three times louder than either of my Champs.  In fact, I sold the SF Champ and have the Vibro Champ for sale as well. 

I did the gig with the stock speakers and tubes, but have already subbed in some JJ 6V6 tubes and a GE 12ay7.  I plan on testing some Weber ceramics in the amp too.  The AlNiCo speakers are fine, but with the amp cranked and a low F harp, there was too much speaker distortion for my liking.  However, a lot of harp players enjoy that sort of breakup.  My preference has always been for ceramic.  I think the bottom end is tighter and the sound of the amp has a better spread.  AlNiCo has always seemed beamier to me.

But I am not an expert!

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