Monday, May 3, 2010

Yes, the 4 overblow on the start of my solo is not spot on.  My bad. 

D Marine band with open covers, screws, and some gapping - but no really intensive work.  I haven't had time yet to really work on it, but it works ight...I am not into the tuning, though.  I do not play hard and am pretty easy on harmonicas.

The amp is miked, but I am willing to bet it, nor anything else other than vocals and bass, is going through the board.  The volume was on 4 and I did have it inline with the Kinder (no need for it, though) and a delay.  This is only the second time I had used the amp live.  There is an ok vid of Whippin' Post up with it too, but that was from the first set and I didn't have the amp turned up loud enough (3.5ish). The guitar player is straight into a Princeton Reverb (pretty much aimed right at me) with some super "amazing" speaker on 6, which is as loud as it gets before just getting more distorted.

Sorry the sound quality isn't better - I know the crowd noise is overwhelming, but you can hear the amp used at a moderate volume with a full band at its typical volume.  As a side note, we did a show the next week in a bigger room with the same guitarist in a Super Reverb.  I had the amp on 4 and still and no issues whatsoever with feedback or not being loud enough.

I should eventually have access to a recording of the show on a digital recorder.  I'll probably use that on top of any other vids from this show for the better sound quality.  The amp is turned almost 90 degrees from the camera, and I really don't think anything was in the mains.

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