Monday, October 25, 2010

Faux Organ/Leslie Sounds with the VHT and Line 6 M9

I literally made this in one take this morning five minutes before leaving work.  This was created in response to a Harp-L post suggesting it would take at least $375 and multiple pedals to make an organ sound on harmonica.  I realize there is digital clipping from the webcam.  I also realize that the mix of the three effects has not been perfected. Obviously, my organ chops are lacking, lol.  In the past, I have played held out octaves for rhythm parts.  I haven't tried "jamming" as an organ before.  Excuses being said, I think the M9 can get passable organ sounds out of a harmonica with just a little tweaking of the controls.  The total cost of a new M9 is $349 and you can use three out of the six effects available on a scene to create this sound.

First, I tried running just the Rotary/Drum model using single notes and octaves.  Next, I add the Bass Octaver and move from single notes to octaves.  Finally, I added a Pitch Glide model set at one octave up.  Again, I stuck with demonstrating single notes and octaves. 

The M9 allows you to change and automatically save any of the settings for each model.  I still need to even out the amount of Bass Octaver and Pitch Glide.  You can hear that the single notes and octaves track well.  Towards the end, you can hear how the M9 doesn’t handle chords well.

 Here is a pick of my pedal board...I actually moved the pedals around to make the board neater and to add a power supply.

2010-10-05 07.28.24

The M9 will cost about $250 used and is built like three side-by-side effect units. M9 Stompbox Modeler lets you run any three effects simultaneously with any three others on deck. You have 100% control over effect placement and effect type - arrange them into tried-and-true combinations or get creative and invent your own original blends.

You can create up to twenty-four different effect arrangements, or "scenes" – essentially twenty-four different pedal boards! Right now I have these three "organ" effects along with the Tron-Up, Ring Modulator, and Octo Verb for my main board.  My secondary board is made of of synths and delays similar to what Chris Michalek uses.

I also have a third board set-up with the particle verb, sweep echo, and repeats of some of the effects already mentioned.  I am working on a fourth scene that would be all delays and reverbs for a traditional blues gig (don't have any lined up so it isn't a priority!).

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