Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogging for Harmonica Players

My name is Mike Fugazzi and I am a harmonica player.  I started playing the harmonica in 2003 while I was in college.  After graduating, I moved to Southern Minnesota and began taking lessons with Clint Hoover.  My style tends to lean towards the contemporary side.  Some of my largest influences have been Jason Ricci, Chris Michalek, Adam Gussow, and of course, Clint Hoover.  For a harp player, I have a strong background in music theory and I play in various positions and liberally use overblows.

Currently, I play in the Minneapolis, MN, based roots-rock band NiteRail.  You can visit the band at  Several new studio tracks are available at, and we have some videos at

I created this blog to share some of my harmonica ramblings and hope to create resources for those taking a different path with the instrument.  In my experience, I have found tons of websites dedicated to blues harmonica from a mostly traditional stand point.  I would like to explore a more modern approach to blues harmonica, and the crossover of harmonica into other genres.  Hopefully I can share experiences that are unique to this blog.

Feel free to contact me via this blog as I love to talk all things harp!




  1. Mike,
    I like the site. You asked how to include hyperlinks and pictures in your blog. I use Blogger Buddy, which is a widget for Vista/Win7. It makes it VERY easy to insert these links and you don't even have to log into your blog to do it. Just type it up on your desktop and hit post! You can find it at
    Good luck!
    D Peer
    (from the Harp-L list)

  2. Hi Mike !
    I have a Kinder AFB and want to ask if you ever have tried it in on the PA?
    I have a Harp Attack from Lonewolf and want to try it before the Harp Attack. As you probably know the Harp Attack pedal is tube driven and it would be nice to try this if you have a heavy amp you dont want to carry around all the time.I dont own a PA to try this by myself and wonder if you have any experience on this?
    Best regards

  3. Thanks D Peer!

    Peter - I have never tried the AFB to the PA. I did use it with a Harp Commander and then to the PA once. Worked great in my monitor. I've seen the Harp Attack, but have the Harp Commander...I also don't own a full pa.

    Great to hear from you guys!