Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gig Gear

Here is a list of gear I typically gig with. I plan on getting more specific with this and creating regular posts on how using a small amp(s) is going.

SM 57

Greg Heumann volume control

Gepco XLR cable

Peavy 1/4" transformer

1971 Silverface Fender Champ
(RCA 12ax7-A, RCA blackplate 5y3, RCA blackplate 6v6, Weber Sig Ceramic S)

1980ish SF Fender Vibro Champ w/ blackface cosmetics
(JJ 12ax7, RCA 5v4, JJ 6v6, Weber 8F125)

Most of the time, I use both amps at the same time. I do this using a Kinder AFB+ as a "boost" and running a Y cable out of that. If I use delay, which is less and less, I use a BBE Two Timer.

I also have a pedal board which includes a Samson Wireless, Micro POG, and DLS Rotosim that also house the delay and Kinder.

If you visit NiteRail's MySpace page, the first few studio tracks are the Vibro Champ with the Weber Sig installed. I am also using the Two Timer. There are two different sounds. On some, I have the amp on 4 with the bass cranked and on the others I have the volume on 6 and bass and treble around 4.


  1. Cool site, Mike. I'll drop by frequently.

  2. Nice blog so far! You don't need to know html to post pictures on blogspot. Just go to the Compose tab, and you will see a button that enables you to upload photos.

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the support!