Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Down in the Hole

Down in the Hole

I have most of my CDs stored in boxes and haven't even come close to ripping them all onto my home computer.  Somewhere tucked away in my basement is a store of Sugar Blue related disks.  Recently I added him as a friend on Facebook, and ever since, I haven't been able to get enough of his work with the Rolling Stones.  Down in the Hole is probably my favorite.  While the tune Miss You was the first song I tried to learn note for note (took a loooong time), this tune is all about tone.

Sugar has a very distinct tone and phrasing that is 100% Sugar....his use of the upper octave without overblowing creates a floating feel and creates a rollercoaster ride for listeners.  But on this tune, he shows the world that he can do it all.  This song is all huge, fat, menacing tone.  The amped tone is perfect for the tune and he adds a layer that the dueling guitar leads can't touch.  While reserved mostly to fill and a very short interlude, Dr. Blue makes this song one to remember.

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