Friday, September 17, 2010

VHT at Rehearsal Notes

Again, I apologize for not having sound clips yet.  I am working on it!  I used the VHT Special 6 with a JJ 6v6 and JAN 5751 at rehearsal for the Mark Cameron Band last night.  With this rock group, it is all about dirty harmonica tone.  The band uses a full set of monitors when rehearsing and things can get sorta loud.  The guitar was going through a Marshall 2x12 combo (but was at a totally appropriate volume).  The bass and drums were full rigs and in the room we are in, it gets loud.

I was sitting right next to the bass player.  The VHT was several feet away and turned at me.  I had no feedback problems with the amp cranked.  I had no hearing issues when comping or playing anything laid back.  When I had to solo over the band's full volume, I did start to lose the amp in the mix.  I could hear myself, but not as well as I would have wanted.  A quick fix would have been having the amp closer to me or running it through my monitor.  All-in-all, I think it would work for stage volume anywhere a full-sized harp amp isn't needed.  Obvioiusly, it needs to be miked front of house, but I think it could keep up with an amp like a Pro Jr, Super Champ XD, or the like.

The true test will be on stage with this group.  If there isn't a separate monitor mix on stage for me, I think I could still get by in a lot of places with the amp on a stand.  In a huge room, such as the Blues Saloon, I'd just use the HG50. 

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