Thursday, September 16, 2010

VHT Special 6 Tubes

Ight, the stock tubes are a Sovtek 12ax7 - which is ok and used in the HG 50 from HarpGear.  The 6v6 is a generic model made in China.  They sound ok and are totally useable for harp.  For the $200ish you can get the amp for, you can pretty much plug and play.  The amp comes totally useable.

However, for around $30 depending on where you purchase, you can pick up a different preamp tube and 6v6 that will change the tone of the amp.  The preamp tube makes the biggest difference.  I use a SM 57 for my mic, and with a 12ax7 can easily run the amp at 2-3 o'clock without feedback.  This is quite a bit of the amp's volume.  The tone control is also useable at this point.  For said price, I picked up a Tung Sol RI 12ax7 and JJ 6v6.  The tone is clearer, louder, fuller, and the amp has more bite and bass.

Before doing any internal mods or switching the speaker, I suggest rolling preamp tubes to taste.  I have tried a 5751 which is pretty also makes the pull boost useable for harp.

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