Thursday, September 16, 2010

VHT Special 6 and Fender Blackface Champ

There is SO MUCH to write about this amp.  I realize I will be skipping things and jumping around a bit.  One thing, and it is quite general, is how much this amp is like a Blackface Champ.  The stock VHT is similar to the modded Champ created by Rick Davis. Rick has stated he has $600+ into the amp.  Now listen, the VHT is only $200.  It doesn't have the quality that $600 will get you.  BUT, it is probably very close and a hugely cost effective way to get a sweet small amp that works great for harp OUT OF THE BOX.

The VHT has no negative feedback, which adds hair to the notes.  It also has a beefed up OT giving the amp a bigger sound.  The caps are different values than a stock Champ.  Meaning more bottom end and fixed amounts of bass, treble, and mids.  The Special 6 rocks a 10" speaker (lots more detail on the speaker to come), has a pull-boost similar to the "tweed" mod that eliminates the tone stack, and a tone control kinda like that on a tweed Princeton.  It essentially adds highs like the control on a Pro Jr.

The amp also has a half power switch, multi-ohm tap for speaker cabs, and both a high and low gain input.  I've been experiementing with all of these and will comment on them in future posts.

I am not a great amp-schematic guy, but for those of you who are, download it here.

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